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Why Choose KetelHaus’ Rottweilers?

Find Out What Makes Us Different From Other Breeders!

At KetelHaus’ Rottweilers, we are a small luxury breeder, passionate about Rottweilers.

We have been working for years to produce dogs that not only win conformation shows, but also stay true to all of the qualities that make this such an exceptional breed.

This means producing beautiful dogs with true working ability, from proven lines that have sound temperaments and taking the time to place those dogs in the best possible homes.

All potential homes are screened so that we can not only be sure that our wonderful dogs and puppies receive the care that they deserve, but also so that we can help you choose the ideal dog or puppy for your situation.

Producing dogs of this exceptional caliber and placing them in ideal homes takes a tremendous amount of energy, effort, expense, and time, but we would have it no other way.

All of this means that when you finally do bring home your KetelHaus Rottweiler, you can be assured that you have selected a dog of the utmost quality that when handled properly will give you a lifetime of devotion.

We breed from only the finest lines and all of our Sires and Dams are completely OFA Certified.  We take pride in our lines, their health, and history.  We invite any questions you may and warn you to shy away from any breeder with a different attitude regarding history and medical inquiries.

KetelHaus' Rottweilers

If you’re considering brining a KetelHaus’ Rottweiler into your home, we invite you to fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.

This will help us determine if your situation is right for our dogs, and if so, which of our upcoming litters will be most likely to produce the ideal dog for you and your needs.

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